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Double bachelor's degree: Geography and Tourism    

The Faculties of Letters and Law, Economics and Tourism of the University of Lleida offer the double degree in Geography and Tourism (GEOTUR). This degree, unique in the state scene, provides theoretical and practical training that allows students to acquire knowledge of both grades.

On the one hand, some knowledge of geography, based on knowing and interpreting the effects that social and economic dynamics have on the environment. Aspects such as urban planning, demography, natural resources and sustainability, social conflicts and their spatial repercussions, tourism or the location of companies and means of transport, among others.

On the other hand, the student delves into the fundamentals of the tourism sector, one of the most dynamic in the country. Aspects based on business training are analyzed, with special attention to the management of tourism companies and the creation of products that contribute to diversify the traditional commitment to "sun and beach" tourism.

The degree trains highly qualified professionals in the management and development of the territory. Students achieve a critical and multidisciplinary vision of the urban and rural environment, with special attention to tourism, to act, manage and implement new policies appropriate to the current socioeconomic situation.

It is, therefore, two degrees that complement each other, since they allow a diagnosis of the territorial potentials in order to sustainably apply the tourist activity. It contributes, thus, to the training of specialized professionals, easily adapted to the diverse needs of a changing activity such as tourism.

This degree can be done in five years, which allows you to see the contents and competences of both degrees, thus obtaining the titles of:

   Degree in Geography and

   Degree in Tourism


Leaflets of the Double Degree